SPARTAN AMERICA is a window cleaning company that has employees who live close to almost every store you have (we have window cleaners in 18 states). We do great work and would like to offer you free service to prove it. I know we can also save you money.  If you have many different window cleaners working for you the prices will vary from very high to fair. In towns, where there is only one window cleaner, the prices can be unreasonable. Also some window cleaners will talk the store managers into having their windows done way too often, in turn costing you more money. We offer great service at a fair price and stick to the cleaning schedule which you chose for all of your stores. We also do not use sub-contractors; therefore we cut out the middle man that other window cleaners use when they cover stores more than 60 miles from their home office. Also because we do not subcontract, we can control quality for every store we clean. For example, we saved one of our customers over $800,000.00 in the 1st year. We also direct bill and have a great system in place.